CEO’s Greetings

Marine products are macrobiotic food that originate from the sea, the origin of life, and contain plenty of nutrition and functional ingredients, such as nucleic acid, DHA, EPA, taurine, etc.
The fact that microelements in the human body are identical to those of sea water explains that life began in the sea. The argument that marine products are very good food from nutritional and functional perspectives is indirectly proven by the fact that the villages in Japan and Norway where people live very long lives are mostly located on the coast.
The fish cake, Eomuk, is a high-protein and low calorie well-being food that is made with minced natural and fresh fishes. This nutritional fish cake is easy to digest because it is made by cooking minced fish meat with a minimum amount of starch, seasoning and preservatives at a low temperature. Ironically, microorganisms like the nutrient components of Eomuk cause the food to go bad easily if not kept refrigerated, which is the reason why it is called fresh food even though it is a processed food.
Hana Eomuk is a safe food because it is manufactured in sanitary and clean conditions and is HACCP-certified.
We promise that we will always provide only first-class Eomukthat tastes good and which is packed with nutrition.
CEO Oh Seong-Rye,
Hana Foods Co., Ltd.