Company History

  • Tradition

    Mar. 1983 Established Hana Foods Co., Ltd. (32 years of tradition)
    Established its factory in Chuncheon Gangwon-do and registered its business.
  • Technology

    Jul. 1998 the contract for technical cooperation with Gamabokko, Yamasa Japan.
    Nov. 2005 Acquired the patent for soybean Tofu Eomuk (No. 0531746).
    Jul. 2009 Authorized as Gangwon-do promising small & medium business (No. 2009-03)
    Nov. 2009 Authorized as INNO-BIZ (No. 9085-2231).
  • Expertise

    Jan. 2000 Honored as good military supply contract business (Defense Acquisition Program Administration).
    Dec. 2006 Acquired ISO 9001 Certification.
    Dec. 2008 Honored as good small and medium business (Chuncheon Mayor).
    Feb. 2010 Authorized as MAIN-BIZ.
    Aug. 2012 Authorized Gangwon-do one-hundred year business (No. 2012-8).
  • Cleanliness/ Hygiene

    Mar. 2010 Designated as HACCP business site, KFDA (No. 94).
    Nov. 2005 Designated as clean business site (No. 19059).
    Located at the clean city “Chuncheon.”

※ Present condition of Chuncheon factory

Location: 325-1, Hupyeong-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do Korea
Site Area: 1000 pyeong (Facility area: 400 pyeong)
Daily production capacity: 20 tons of fried Eomuk
Currently supplying to Hansung Enterprise, Woori Networks, Nolboo, NH Trading, American area, etc.