Soybean tofu Eomuk
Naegohyang Busan Eomuk 300g, Square Type

Pure Eomuk made by combining pure nature with the heart.

Busan Eomuk

Hana Eomuk “Ilbeonji” is a gourmet food that keeps the real taste of sea food by increasing the contents of fish fillet and reducing the content of flour.
Package weight -1kg
Individual size (mm) - (EA) 185×100
Individual weight (g) - 63g
Pieces/ Bag - 20pieces
Packaging Size - PE 290*175
Packaging type – 4 sided package
Weight/ BOX - 10 pieces
Calorie Sodium Carbohydrate Sugars Fat Trans Fat Saturated Fat Cholesterol Protein
95kcal 280mg 15g 1g 1.5g 0g 0g 0g 6g