Naegohyang Busan Eomuk 300g, Square Type
Naegohyang Busan Eomuk 800g, synthesis

Chewy and soft owing to high content of fish fillet

Naegohyang Busan Eomuk 800g, Gold

As it is chewy soft owing to high content of fish fillet, it goes well with various kinds of cuisines.

Package weight - 800g
Individual size (mm) -(EA) 185×100
Individual weight (g) - 50g
Pieces/ Bag -16 pieces
Packaging Size - PE 290*175
Packaging type – 4 sided package
Weight/ BOX -10 pieces
Calorie Sodium Carbohydrate Sugars Fat Trans Fat Saturated Fat Cholesterol Protein
95kcal 19% 5% 0.6g 3% 00g 2% 2% 9%